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Veylre Music Group

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VEYLRE Music Group:

VEYLRE Music Group's main purpose and goal is to discover and nurture the outstanding composers and lyricists from South Florida. 

VEYLRE Music Group will take an active part in guiding their clients through the processes of recording demos, registering their music with the Library of Congress, registration with the appropriate Performing Rights Organizations and Mechanical Licensing and Distribution agencies. In addition, VEYLRE Music Group will aggressively market that music globally to potential users.

Mission Statement:

The mission: to strive to discover and build long-term relationships with the best composers and lyricists of South Florida, to become a devoted partner with its composers and lyricists, maximize their commercial potential, and recognize the uniqueness of each client's needs ahead of profit and work tirelessly to provide the South Florida music community access to the global music market.

Vision Statement:

VEYLRE Music Group was founded to discover and nurture outstanding composers and lyricists from the south Florida music community. Unlike many of the larger music publishing companies in the United States and Europe, VEYLRE Music Group will focus on each client, devoting all of the resources available needed to maximize the client's music and remain always mindful of the clients' needs and aspirations. VEYLRE considers working with exceptional musical talent a privilege and so pays meticulous attention to producing and copyrighting their clients music, showcasing that music in domestic and global markets and to ensuring the client receives appropriate financial compensation when their music is used.

A tremendous "THANK YOU" to everyone who came out to our last Workshop!!! It's always so nice to see everyone and catch up, as well as just talk shop. On the other hand those of you who haven't been coming, well - shame on you. It's Time for YOU to "GET SERIOUS" about your Career & Personal Involvement in the Music Industry. The Music & Recording Industry is no longer in the business of "Catering"... Since it no longer Fronts Monies for Projects unless you are TRULY a "Sure Thing" with a proven Track Record, it means that the rest of us NEED To Start INVESTING of Ourselves, if we want to be taken Seriously. Which means if you want to get anywhere with your "Career Choice" you Absolutely need to be doing Something on a Daily Basis to Advance yourself. Chris & I work very hard behind the scenes to try and make things happen for you... but eventually YOU Will have to Step Up make something happen. It is not OUR Job to make you Famous or to Make you Money. YOU WILL GET OUT OF YOUR CAREER WHAT YOU PUT INTO IT - Period. VEYLRE Music Group is here to Teach & Encourage (Workshops) - Publish (Donre/ASCAP + Cynere/BMI) - Promote & Distribute (CLASi Records {coming in June}) and many other ventures coming in the near future.


Teach & Encourage (workshops) == The Workshops are free to attend -- we only ask for the occasional donation to keep things running.

Publish (Donre/ASCAP + Cynere/BMI) == Publishing for anyone attending the Workshops is at ZERO charge because we've already gone through the process of Evaluating (A&R) your demos & material before we work with you. Anyone outside of the group will be charged for evaluation purposes. 

Promote & Distribute (CLASi Records) == We're very excited to share that coming in June, we will begin offering a Digital Distribution service for Our Clients. We are currently gathering the necessary information needed serve you & to create Flexible Rate Package for these services.

And there you have it. So let's get out there and Make MUSIC!!!
.......David Moore

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